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Italian stallion Pagano joins us for his Dalston Superstore debut this Saturday for Little Gay Brother Presents... Flex! He'll be down in the sweaty laser basement getting pulses racing with some true dancefloor cardio werk-outs with LGB resident Chris Camplin. Upstairs Doll (Skint Records) will be playing an exclusive DJ set alongside Laurent C (Discotec) and LGB's very own Terry Vietheer.

Before the weekend Pagano made us this exclusive hot hot techhouse mix to get us pumped for the party and answered our burning questions about being an international DJ, wearing spandex and what he loves about London...

You seem to be jet setting all over the place at the moment- where's the best place you've played recently?

The atmosphere in Brazil is unrivalled because the events are massive and clubbing is a fairly recent thing over there, so the crowd is really up for it. But as an artist my favourite gigs are still in European capitals: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome and London. Here club culture is established and punters are musically educated, so I can be more creative with my sets and I can get away with more sophisticated and obscure stuff. This makes the whole DJing experience much more rewarding for me. 

What's your favourite international gay party to play at?

Probably La Demence in Brussels. It takes place at Fuse which is Belgium's biggest and most famous techno club and it attracts a very varied crowd of all ages, races and styles: from club kids to bears, leather men to fashionistas. Just like it used to be before the scene started to fragment into a million niches. Everyone comes to La Demence to party and checks their attitude at the door, it is the ultimate gay rave.

If you could time travel back to any dancefloor anywhere, where would we be going?

Obviously Trade at Turnmills. I have been a resident at the club since 2006, but that has nothing to do with it. For me it was the best clubbing experience from a punter point of view. No better place to really let your hair down with like minded people and listen to a variety of cutting-edge sounds, nothing has ever come even close to it yet. 

Tell us a surprising secret about yourself...

I grew up a rock kid. Robert Smith was my God! I was into Violent Femmes, The Pixies, The Clash, Sex Pistols even The Cult. Then I discovered Depeche Mode and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and my life changed…

If you were entering one of your own productions into Eurovision, which one would you enter and what would you wear for the televised performance?

I would probably ask Rammstein to record an anti-christ style heavy metal meets techno collaboration tune to make everyone who watches it cry for forgiveness. This will obviously involve lots of dark make-ups, fake blood and Texas-Chain-Massacre style scary masks. Seriously: I hate that Eurovision shit! It's so naff that I don't even find it funny… 

What do you miss about living in your home country of Italy?

The food and the sun. But that's about it. I love the UK.

And what do you love about London?

London is the real capital of the world. Forget about NYC. London is where every culture and race really meet. No doubt about it. Combining this with London's own cultural movements throughout the years from the sixties to today, it creates a melting pot that enriches me and feeds me every day. 

What's an average day like in Pagano's life?

If I am not traveling, I am either reviewing new music for my DJ sets or I am locked in the studio producing. The more I work the merrier. 

Will you be wearing work-out spandex for your set at LGB Presents... Flex!?

Unfortunately I am afraid they don't come in my size. Spandex is a privilege, not a right: big guuurls like me should avoid at any cost! Having said that: my outfit will be more eighties than Joan Collins in Dynasty! Wait and see…

What one track will you play to ensure the dancefloor gets their disco stretches?

I have some industrial-chic bootlegs I can't wait to debut in East London. Think 'Lady Miss Kier' warehouse style! Enough said...

Join Pagano at Little Gay Brother Presents... Flex! this Saturday 16th March from 9pm - 4am at Dalston Superstore.

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