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This Friday Disco Bloodbath welcomes Raudive aka Oliver Ho to the laser basement, playing under his more house orientated alias. Kicking off the bank holiday in style, Raudive, along with Bloodbath residents Damon Martin and Ben Pistor will be treating the basement to all kinds of aural delights. Ahead of the party we caught up with the man himself to find out more...

What separates Oliver Ho from Raudive?

Well, Raudive is my production alias that I use when I produce my hyrbid of "techno/house/no wave/industrial". It's a kind of dance music, but on my terms.

Oliver Ho is me, that encompasses everything from the Raudive stuff to my band The Eyes In The Heat, and my next project coming soon, Zov Zov, an experimental noise/post rock project with my friend, Tommy Gillard. That's coming out at the end of the year on vinyl.

How did you come up with your moniker Raudive?

Well, I wanted signify a point in my artistic development, a kind of signal of independence and statement of being an individual. I have always been interested in the idea of EVP, which is "electric voice phenomenon". It's the process of recording the voices of spirits and ghosts through filtering the noise in our enviroment. Tape recorders would be used to document these strange voices of the dead. I love the idea the human soul speaking to us through electronic equipment, it's a beautiful metaphor for music in general. One of the pioneers of this movement was Konstantin Raudive, so I named myself after him.

You're based here in London- what musically is really exciting you in the capital?

London is fantastic, I have always loved the diversity of music here. Recently I went to Cafe Oto to see Leafcutter John, he was performing using bike lights to control the sounds in his music; it was very inspiring. Soon I will be going to see a Stockhausen piece being performed at the Royal Festival Hall.

What prompted your taste transition from being super into acts like Napalm Death and Godflesh to getting into dance music?

Well I still love those old heavy bands like that, but I think it was stuff like Aphex Twin and Autechre that got me into electronic stuff. And then after that it was Psychic TV, Psychic Warriors Of Gaia and Exquisite Corpse too. I really didn't get techno properly until I started going to the Lost parties though, that club changed the wiring in my brain. Hearing the music on a huge soundsystem and feeling that pressure, something simple and relentless... I love the combination of simple and relentless.

You've released on loads of labels- which feels most like home?

I started out on Blueprint Records, that was my home for a long time. More recently, I have felt really good working with Stefan and Finn at Macro Records in Berlin. I have just finished my next album for them and I am so pleased with how it's come out. They are super open minded, and always want their artists to have the freedom to really express an individual take on things.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any dancefloor any when and any where- where would you be going?

I would love to go back to the Music Box, and hear Ron Hardy play. I think that must have been quite incredible to hear all that stuff, The attitude he had, and the energy. I would also love to hear the noise band, Whitehouse, play early in their career, in the '80s. Although that's not dancefloor music, thats more torture chamber music, but in a good way.

If your house was burning down and you only had time to save one record, which would it be?

Bloody hell, only one record... probably my Napalm Death Peel Sessions record. It sounds amazing, like nothing else, but also listening to it is like looking at old pics in a family album.

What motto do you live your life by?

"Dream Your Life."

Your mixtape for How The Other Half Live was very eclectic, covering all kinds of bases from Captain Beefheart to Gang Of Four and even Sasha Grey. What's the weirdest curveball you think you can get away at Disco Bloodbath this Friday?

It wouldn't be a surpise curveball if I told you now, would it!  Wait and see!


Oliver Ho 21/03/2013 by Zntn&How The Other Half Lives on Mixcloud

Join Raudive this Friday for Disco Bloodbath at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am. 

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