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Next Monday we have an extra-special treat in store in the form of Scandinavian pop princess Robyn gracing our doors. She'll be joining Rokk for a Body Talk Jubilee Extravaganza. Not only is Monday more amazing by the fact you don't have to work Tuesday but this is surely the icing on the cake! We got five minutes of Robyn's time  ahead of this amazing night...

 You took the name for your Body Talk albums from Rokk's Superstore clubnight- why is it such an inspiration to you?

Me and my friend Louise did a club night in Stockholm during 2009 called Tutti Frutti when I was home writing the last album. Rokk came over to DJ at our night. I realized how similar our aspirations were and what kind of atmosphere we wanted to create at our club nights and the music we liked so Body Talk as a name just stayed with me when I was recording.

When I was making Body Talk I was thinking a lot about communication and technology vs biology and Body Talk seemed to capture that in simple way.

What's your best Dalston Superstore memory?

 Mixing for the first time. I was always a good selector, but not a "mixing DJ". But DJing with Rokk makes me brave!

We recently read on Wikipedia (so apologies if this is not true) that you voiced Anne-Marie in the Swedish language version of amazing '80s film All Dogs Go To Heaven. What other random facts might we not know about you?

I played the ghost of a murdered child in a Strindberg play at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, directed by actor Peter Stormare when I was 10 years old. 

What's your favourite remix of one of your own tracks?

There are many! But the Wasted Youth Remix of Be Mine by Klas Åhlund and Azari & III´s remix of Call Your Girlfriend are two of my favorites.

And finally.... Var skulle vi gå om du tog oss på en gay disco klubb i Stockholm?

[Where would we go if you took us to a gay disco club in Stockholm?]

Då skulle vi gå till Tutti Frutti; min klubb i Stockholm [I would take you to Tutti Frutti, my club in Stockholm]. Or I would take you to Body Jar or Donna Scam, two girlie clubs that are making noise in Stockholm´s club scene at the mo´.

Catch Robyn at Robyn & Rokk Present Body Talk at Dalston Superstore on Monday 4th June from 10pm - 3am.

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