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Ruf Dug

Ruf Dug

This Saturday Manchester's Ruf Dug joins us for another helping of Battered Sausage! As the man behind re-edit label Ruf Kutz and Manchester night Wet Play, he's sure to bring a bag full of trippy re-edits and bangers to tease the laser basement with. Ahead of the party we caught up with the man himself to pose a few questions about studio equipment, spirit animals and tape cassettes...

What's the worst or most untrue thing someone has written about you in a DJ bio or interview intro?

I used to say that I was born in a volcano when in actual fact I was born in Stockport.

Apart from the obvious essentials (laptop, Teasmade, etc), what is your most treasured piece of equipment in the studio?

Early 1980s Habitat standard lamp. You can hear it in every track I make.

What/who is your spirit animal and why?

Defo a dog. Probably a dirty one. Dogs are cool as fuck.

In your opinion, what nights in Manchester would tempt outsiders to the city...? You've said previously that people aren't necessarily drawn to the city, more end up there...

Each year there is the Future Everything Festival which always has an excellent musical programme and every other year we have the Manchester International Festival - these are both world quality, unique events that truly have an international appeal.

What is the tape cassette you've managed to hang on the longest? Or even since childhood?

It's probably a computer game rather than an audio cassette you know... Horace Goes Skiing for ZX Spectrum is probably the oldest!

What's the weirdest (either in your book or anyone else's) re-edit you've done or released on Ruf Kutz?

I re-edited Dire Straits - Private Investigations into a moody balearic thunderstorm sunset epic...

If you had a time machine and could visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you go dancing?

Paradise Garage 1985 I reckon.

What will you bring to the Superstore basement for Battered Sausage?

A sense of adventure.

Join Ruf Dug at Battered Sausage alongside Daniel Wang, Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Julian Murariu on Saturday 8th November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Ruf Dug