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Sebastian Bartz

Sebastian Bartz

By Lewis G Burton

The second instalment of brand new night INFERNO is taking over both floors again at Superstore this Friday! The unlikely pairing of Lewis G. Burton and Sebastian Bartz (Venice Calypso) will be taking over a floor each, with Lewis upstairs with help from JVP, Miles Metric and Ted Rogers, as Sebastian is shunned to the basement with Jack France, Twang, Joe Roberts and performance artist Synth Icorn. We caught up with Sebastian to find more about the elusive DJ and what will be going down on Friday night! 

Lewis: First of all, what is it that draws you back to East London after playing under your DJ name Venice Calypso in venues such as DV1 in Lyon and Sparta. Nel Bosco in Italy? 

Sebastian: It seems like east London is having a new lease of life, and there are a lot of dark and underground parties happening after short period of being a bit Camden-like. 

What is it that you like about techno music?

I like the relentless repetitive energy. There is something special about that sound. Something deep and spiritual. 

You’ve just launched your record label Four on Four, how did that come about?

I'm creating my own gang of artists, producers, DJs and video makers that don't fit anywhere else like I do. If you think you fit drop us an email.

As well as that you’re also in a band with Post-Religions Alex Williams called S.A.D. which is different to your DJ persona Venice Calypso... what is the idea behind the band?

We want to challenge the dated indie bands and make music relevant to our era. We are the best band out there. Alex is also one of the most intelligent people I know and I always find it inspiring to be in his company.

Your aesthetic looks like its quite important to you, is there anyone who inspires your style/do you have a favorite designer?

I am always inspired by people like Klaus Nomi or Divine who created their own rules and reality. However I have no idols.

When was the last time you stole an idea from someone? 

I like stealing visual ideas and converting them to sounds. I always have a fantasy of opening the image file into logic and audio files in photoshop.

What are your favorite tracks right now?

D.A.F. is always my favourite band, but there is nothing better then Brodinski feat Young Scooter - Francois-Xavier when I want to kick back a bit. The last I/Y release is awesome.

What is that attracted you to collaborating with performance artist Lewis G. Burton to create Inferno?

Lewis G. Burton is one of the most influential personalities in London and a truly amazing person. Since we met I knew that would create something together, and INFERNO is the party that I always wanted to create. A marriage of unique crowd and great quality sounds.

What can we expect on Friday night at Inferno?

The upper floor is hosted by Lewis G. Burton and saturated with colours and up music. The dark basement with dark, underground techno and a "birth performance" by Synth Icorn. 

Join Lewis Burton and Venice Calypso for Inferno on Friday 1st May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am. 

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Sebastian Bartz