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Shaun Bass: Five Hyperstore Tracks

Shaun Bass: Five Hyperstore Tracks

Shaun Bass brings his night Hyperlink to Superstore next weekend, creating a new, fabulous one-off night of Hyperstore! He's bringing along his Hyperlink co-horts Sick Bwoy, Alexis Knox, Todd Hart and Portia Ferrari to "play everything from hip hop, bashment, r'n'b and all types of U.S. club music through to UK garage and bassline and don't be surprised if we play a bit of punk or some cheesy, Ibiza classics. There's not many places we don't go to be honest, apart from maybe minimal techno or psy-trance, as long as it makes us and our friends want to dance then we will play it."

Inspired by artists such as Lol Boys and MikeQ, the Hyperlink crew even recently played host to the inimitable Zebra Katz. Shaun tells us:

"We are interested in pushing all different styles of new music at our parties, when we heard Zebra Katz we loved the different styles and ideas that were being combined and refreshed to create something new. "Ima Read" seemed like a perfect anthem to spearhead the new wave of ghetto-fied Vogue culture and music that has appeared on our radars recently, thats what we are all about, culture clash, mix and blend, combining ideas, sounds and styles to create something unique."

Check out his top five Hyperstore tracks and join the Facebook event for the party on Friday 7th September from 9pm - 3am. 

Lil B - I'm Paris Hilton

Brenmar - Taking it Down

R Kelly - Make It Rain (Remix)

Lol Gurlz - Pussy Out The Shower

Lady - Twerk

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Shaun Bass: Five Hyperstore Tracks