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Timothy J Fairplay Does Discosodoma

Timothy J Fairplay Does Discosodoma

By Elektra Complexx

Timothy J Fairplay joins the DISCOSODOMA crew in their queer disco studies for an acid fueled edition on the 9th of August at Dalston Superstore’s favorite laser pit.

Known from his Crimes Of The Future nights and label with Scott Fraser, and for his collaboration with Andrew Weatherall for The Asphodells; Timothy has released music on Astro Lab Recordings, World Unknown, Bird Scarer, Emotional Response, Magic Feet, Horn Wax and Rothmans. He has DJ'ed and played live all over the world, including Fabric in London and Robert Johnson in Frankfurt.

How would you describe your sound for those who aren’t familiar with it? 

Broadly I guess I'd say it's house or techno, but along the way you'll hear sounds from Italo, film soundtracks, nu beat, industrial, kosmische music, the odd breakbeat… all sorts really.

Your work is endowed with a distinctive aesthetic that crosses genres such as krautrock, acid and disco among others. What drives your inspiration? 

It's mainly driven by my record collection, I don't have the patience to work only in one sound, so I like to flit about across genres. I 'spose I quite like playing with genres, placing my sound within the constraints of a particular genre. But really it comes naturally, I never plan to mix two styles in some contrived way.

Crimes of The Future: from club night to label, how did you decide to make this jump and what are your aspirations for this project?

Well me and Scott wanted to start a label, partly to have more control over how our music was released, for me especially from an aesthetic point of view. David Cronenberg's films are a particular favourite of mine, so thats how the name came about, and I guess we did the logo with a bit of a Videodrome look. It's just the starting point though, as Crimes of the Future is not a soundtrack label at all, we might put out some stuff like that, but really we put out the sort of music we play in the club.

The past twelve months have found you travelling around the world. From Glasgow to Berlin and from London to Los Angeles, what are you fondest memories?

There's been lots of cool stuff in the last 12 months, Carcassonne with Andrew Weatherall last year was fantastic, really happy to be doing it again this year, Unknown in Croatia was really good fun. Belgrade was cool, theres a cool underground scene there. But L.A. probably is my recent favourite, the scene there is great right now - London should be taking note…

In past interviews you have referred to 70s/80s soundtracks as a source of influence for your solo work. If you could score a film, what would that be?

That's a tough one, as it depends what I am into that week. At the moment probably something like Tombs of the Blind Dead by Amando De Ossorio.

If the technology was there, in front of you, when and where in time and space would you travel?

Ha ha ha awww I'd probably go and check out the fall of Rome or something…

Someone presents you with the opportunity to curate your dream night. Who would you choose for the line-up?

Klaus Schulze doing 'Mirage' in its entirety, followed by Sid Barrett era Pink Floyd and The Aphex Twin headlining doing Selected Ambient Works Pt 1 live.

What does the near future hold for you? Are there any projects you would like to share with us?

There's loads of releases coming up, a single sided Junior Fairplay thing on Crimes Of The Future in September, two EP's on a Glasgow based label called Work for Love, there's gonna be a follow up to last years Good For Driving In The Night cassette called The Promise of Midi which is a collection of lost recordings, a mini album back on Emotional Response, theres lots of remixes and some collaborations too.

What should we expect from your set at DISCOSODOMA?

A lot of energy, there'll be heaps of new stuff, as well as my newest material. Some forgotten classics, as well as some less forgotten ones!

And finally, disco is?

For me it's that continuous beat, those hats, the kick and huge handclaps, I just never get tired of it.

Join Timothy J Fairplay at Discosodoma on Saturday 9th August at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Timothy J Fairplay Does Discosodoma