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London based Volte-Face joins us at Superstore this Saturday for an extra-special face-melting edition of Papercut. As the man behind BleeD, London’s go-to club night for experimental electronic music and resident at Fabric’s Divided Love, with regular spots at Berghain, it is guaranteed that you’re in for the ultimate techno treat. Plus this month sees the release of his new EP as Rote, a collaboration with Daniel Avery!

He’ll be joining residents Miltos B and Wandson Maxx in the laser basement, and ahead of the party the boys posed their record themed questions to him to ascertain just how scary his taste in techno really is…

The scariest techno record you own?

I have a fair few, but let’s go with a classic – The Horrorist – One Night In NYC.

A record you wished you made?

Coil – Time Machines. I’ve just invested in a Minimoog Voyager, and have been fiddling around making all manner of drones, but I fear I’m 20 years too late!

A record that reminds you of your first London clubbing experiences?

The day I moved to London, in 2006, I saw Altern-8 playing at Bugged Out/The End, so let’s go with Infiltrate 202. My first London clubbing experience was Sasha & Digweed several years before, but I think those memories are best left alone.

A BleeD classic?

How about Prurient – Cocaine Death. Oh wait, maybe that’s the scariest record I own.

A record that sounds bonkers down Berghain?

The first time I played there, I was lucky enough to do an ambient set at CTM Festival. I can assure you, Shinichi Atobe’s Waste Land 2 sounded absolutely bonkers in there.

A secret weapon?

My arsenal of unreleased productions. The Power Of Christ Compels You comes to mind, it’s served me well all year! Sounds like a good name for a scary techno record, no?

A guilty pleasure? 

There’s no such thing!

A dream collaborator?

I’d love to make a techno record with John Elliott from Emeralds/Outer Space. If he’d only give me a hard-drive full of his beautiful synth work, I’d be more than happy to put a donk on it.

Your favourite record from this year?

A record which I’ve had for pretty much exactly a year, and which I couldn’t stop playing, would be Function/Inland – Odeon. The pad (originally a Photek instrumental) just hits the perfect emotional note for me, and I like to play records like this on the home straight at the end of the night.

A last song?

And now for something completely different… Hard Corps – Je Suis Passe perhaps? Or Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath. Something to leave people with a rictus grin on the way home.

Join Volte-Face this Saturday 24th October at Dalston Superstore for Papercut from 9pm - 3am.

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