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For the latest edition of Pump, our special guest is non other than lauded Swedish music producer, songwriter and DJ, Johan Blende! Signed to the Belgian disco label Eskimo and famed for such cuts as Rikki and Fake Love, Blende has remixed for the likes of Lana Del Rey and Azari & III. With worldwide bookings from Space in Ibiza to Ministry of Sound here in London, we’re super excited to welcome Blende to the basement of Superstore! Fresh of the release of his banging new summer anthem single Back to Summertime, we caught up with him to chat new releases, Michael Jackson and plans for Pump! 

Hi Blende! We are so excited to have you join us for Pump! How has your 2017 been so far?

Hi there! Excellent, so am I! It’s been good so far, released a single just before summer and am currently making plans for the next one.

How do you think growing up in Sweden influenced your sound?

Hmm, don’t know if it did much really. I mean most Swedish producers I know and know of have quite a different sound to mine I feel, but there are exceptions so maybe there is something in the water after all.

If you could change anything about the pop music industry, what would it be?

Ugh, let’s not go there, I’ll be playing suicidal music on Saturday if so.

What is your earliest musical memory?

Listening to MJ’s Thriller on my walkman, in the back of my dad’s car. Not sure if I made the walkman, dad and car bit up but I definitely had the album on cassette.

You took a couple of years’ hiatus from DJing during 2015-16, what has it been like coming back to it after such a significant break?

It’s nice being back, though I’m still not quite up to speed just yet. We’ll see what else 2017 brings, definitely hoping more people will have me come play at their nights!

Can you talk us through your songwriting process?

Lately I’ve been mainly putting down ideas while working on something else; if things pop into my head I strip down whatever I’m currently working on to just drums or something basic and put it down on top and then revisit it at some point once I’ve finished what I was already doing. But I have something like 10-15 track ideas going on rotation at any time so it’s a natural process I think.

Who have been some of your favourite collaborators over the years?

There are some people I’ve worked with these past couple of years that I’d love to do some more stuff with, but they’ve all been part of tracks that don’t have a home yet so I probably shouldn’t say too much at this point. It’s nice working together with friends on location though, so I’m trying to find time to do that again as it’s been a little while.

Favourite release of the year?

Pretty much every Deewee release this year has been great.

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/when, where would you go?

It would be Manhattan, in the 70s, CBGBs & Studio 54. I don’t think they’d let me in though, one saying I look too pissed and the other not pissed enough.

In five words or less, what are you planning to unleash at Pump?

Luscious & pumping electronic music.

Catch Blende at Pump this Saturday 19 August from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

The Carry Nation

For latest edition of heaving homo house party Pump, promoters Neil Prince and Johnny Kalifornia have recruited New York party icons The Carry Nation to unleash their trademark brand of uplifting diva-heavy house on the lazer basement! Fresh off the back of some seriously thumping releases and brilliantly hedonistic accompanying music videos, we caught up with DJ Nita Aviance and Will Automagic to chat New York’s thriving queer scene, Glastonbury’s Block 9 and plans for Pump!

Hi Carry Nation! We can’t wait to have you guys join us at Pump! How has 2017 been for you so far?

2017 has been a brilliant year getting back to work with our mother-label, UK based Batty Bass, run by Hannah Holland. Two of the tracks we released on that label come with videos from two very talented artists we’ve always wanted to work with, Tyler Jensen and Cathal O’Brien.

You guys are involved quite heavily with the incredible Battle Hymn parties in NYC – can you tell us a bit about it? They always look insane!

Ladyfag is a genius and always knows how to throw an amazing party. The roster of guest DJs always blows our mind and it’s a real return to proper partying in Manhattan

You guys have been playing at the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury for a good few years now – do you agree with Mixmag calling it the UK’s best club?

100% yes. Block 9 always delivers some of the highlights of our year.

What is it about the NYC Downlow that makes it so magical?

Sick programming, enticing visuals and enough d—s to choke a horse!

We love the teaser video for your new single, The Queens! Where did the inspiration for that come from?

Our love for London and our many experiences there led us to give our director Cathal free-reign to interpret our NY-based song. Keeping the trans-Atlantic theme we also wanted to feature Sussi, a recent transplant to London from New York.

You guys have played in all the gay party hotspots, from Horse Meat Disco to Honey Soundsystem and beyond. What is the weirdest / best gig you’ve ever played?

Not to sound like a broken record but nothing compares to Block 9 at Glastonbury. Our year is filled with unbelievable memories from the field.

What’s one guilty pleasure that you’d drop upstairs if you were on pop duties at Pump?

Taylor Dane – Tell it to my Heart

Favourite release of the year?

Love Letters – Who Was Driving

And finally, in five words or less, what are you planning to unleash on the lazer basement at Pump?

The beast!

Catch The Carry Nation at Pump this Saturday 17 June from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

Disco Brunch

This month sees the beginning of an exciting new venture for Dalston Superstore: We know you have loved Naked Boys Reading, and other one-off brunch parties, so we’re stepping up our game to bring you a disco brunch every Sunday! Ahead of the lauch of the first party series, we bring you some of our DJs’ favourites as a sneaky taster of what’s in store!

sunday wax at dalston superstoreSunday Wax – Sunday 28 February

Will Cozforg and friends bring you a selection of their favourite records while our famously medicinal Bloody Marys and signature Superstore big breakfasts solve all of your problems!

Favourite track to wake up to on a Sunday morning?

Will: Wally Bardou – Echoes. It’s the perfect album to slowly wake up to in the sunshine on a Sunday morning

Oddball disco favourite?

Will: Was Dog A Donut – Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens experiments with this kooky electronic disco – never to repeat the style again. It’s so different to anything else he ever did – love it!


power brunch at dalston superstorePower Brunch – Sunday 6 March
Following the pop-up Erection Section brunch on Valentine’s Day, power balladeer pro Neil Prince and East London drag superstar Miss Craig take matters into their own hands with Power Brunch – the power ballad request-fest!

Favourite power ballad to sing/screech in the shower?

Neil: Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing. That intro is just clutch your chest and take a deep breath – a moment for Whitney. And that chorus. And that key change. Grade ‘A’ belter material.

Your go-to break up song?

Miss Craig: Mariah Carey – Without You. That girl has some serious emotion in those words… Gets me every time! She also looks fab in the video.


naked boys reading at dalston superstoreNaked Boys Reading – Sunday 13 March

Back by popular demand, the Naked Boys Reading Brunch Takeover sees four (mostly) naked boys taking over the bar at Superstore for a homage to the humble breakfast staple: BAPS! Hosted by Dr Sharon Husbands and disc jockess The Duchess of Pork!

Favourite literary reference in pop? 
Duchess: Has to be Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. It’s an obvious choice but you can’t go wrong with it.

Favourite song to get naked to?
There’s a lot of songs I can see myself get naked too so I’ll have to choose two: Roisin Murphy’s Overpowered – it’s the first song of one of my go to records when I have a gentleman caller over. One of them once remarked that I must really like Roisin Murphy because the album was on repeat for hours.

The other song is Dannii Minogue – Disrememberance. Mostly because, once on a first date with an ex, the song came on and he asked if I’d dance naked to it (in his living room) and I immediately complied.


sylvia's soul food at dalston superstoreSylvia’s Soul Food – Sunday 20 March
Sylvia’s Soul Food is here to bring you the holy trinity: breakfast cocktails, soul food specials and sweet, sweet, music to lull you out of that hangover stupor! DJs Dance Armstrong & Chaka Khan’t bring you soul, gospel and motown while you fabulous host Miss Craig takes you to church!

Favourite soul crooner?
Dance Armstrong: Otis Redding. Because no one does a broken hearted yearn belter like Otis. Subtle, sweet and always soothing soul.

Most redeeming take-me-to-church belter?
Dance Armstrong: Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir – Like a Ship. The Pastor and his Youth for Christ Choir take you to church – for real! I close my eyes and imaging sitting at the back of Sunday service, fan in hand, praising the sweet lord. This song lifts you up. Whether you’re for Christ or not.

Catch the launch of the Dalston Superstore Disco Brunch Series on Sunday 28 February from 1-5pm with Sunday Wax!


We’re barely a month into 2016, and we’ve already seen the addition of a smorgasbord of amazing new parties at Dalston Superstore! Undoubtedly one of the most exciting newcomers is PUMP, the three-way lovechild of Neil Prince (R & She), Johnny Kalifornia (This is Electric) and David Oh (R & She). We caught up with the guys to chat 2015 faves, plans for the party, and what to expect at the next PUMP!

You three have quite a history together! Can you tell us about how you all came together?

NEIL: Well David and I have known each other since like 2001 when I first started DJing the pop room at Popstarz. He used to ask me for Kon Kan. So we’ve been mates ever since and when Songs Of Praise was in the planning stages he’d recently started DJing himself so I brought him on board. Me and Johnny, I can’t actually remember how we first met but it was certainly on a dancefloor somewhere!

JOHNNY: I don’t remember how it all started! Certainly for me, we became friends first: I remember myself & Neil bonded over a love of pop & Rastamouse, whilst I was introduced to David in the back of a cab and he was hugely entertaining. Then we found ourselves playing many of the same venues – either together or individually – such as Dalston Superstore, East Bloc and even Heaven now. Whilst Neil & David have collaborated together before, this is the first joint venture from the 3 of us!

We hear that PUMP was born out of infamous party Songs of Praise. For those who never made it, can you tell us a bit about what it was all about?

DAVID: Songs of Praise was a pop party with an edge at East Bloc. It went on for almost four years and was generally known for the carnage on the dancefloor, and for the mix of the crowd. For the final set of the night, between 4-6, Neil and I would ditch the pop and start banging out the house tunes… But still with a light sprinkle of pop over them. We’d start every back to back set with a ‘Let’s pump it gurl!’, and those last two hours quickly took on a bit of an identity of their own, separate to the rest of the night. Some people would come down just for those two hours!

NEIL: It’s that section which has led to the creation of PUMP!

If you had to sum up the pop/pump sound of the night in one artist, who would it be?

DAVID: First person who pops into my head is MK… Deffo his remixes I played most at Songs Of Praise and he’s a legend.

NEIL:  I agree with David, MK has a good pop-house crossover thing going on.  I’m quite partial to a DJ S.K.T. too. He’s updated some classics very nicely don’t you know.

JOHNNY: For me it would be Years & Years, as they’ve triumphantly straddled the world of pop & dance over the last 12 months – and who doesn’t love a good straddle?

How have you watched the London LGBT party scene change over the last five years?

NEIL: The constant closures of venues is really sad to see. And the licensing issues are just becoming completely ridiculous. People want to dance! And not stop at 2am. That’s when we start! But on the positive side, there is still a lot of creativity out there and there are some great mixed parties going on. Chapter 10 is on it and there’s some great parties going on down south right now too.

DAVID: I think the gay scene has become less about a distinctive London electronic sound. There’s nowhere near as many quality gay dance nights as there used to be. With a few exceptions that I love of course, like Chapter 10 and Discosodoma. But it seems that the best nights at the moment are more about a more lighthearted, fun, pop kind of vibe. There’s still some great alternative nights out there too like Debbie, Douchebag and Unskinny Bop.

JOHNNY: One positive aspect has been a return to having FUN as opposed to being dancefloor snobs.

Most exciting dancefloor you’ve ever played to?

DAVID: R & She!

NEIL: Yeah it has to be R & She. Such a reactive audience, singing every word and cheering every record. That’s the response every DJ lives for.

JOHNNY: The Gutterslut parties – Summer Rites, Halloween and the 6th Birthday that I guested at really stick in my mind as super sweaty fun – also, they were where I popped my East London cherry, so they hold a special place in my heart.

And now, for the question we simply have to ask all of our guests… If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/anywhen, where would you go?

JOHNNY: I would go back to the mid eighties to experience the advent of House music first hand. As a kid, I only witnessed its evolution in the charts and I would have loved to have experienced it first hand in the clubs back then…so…drop me in Chicago, please, thanks!

DAVID: For me… I’d be on the Trade dance floor at Turnmills in 1996 for a Tony De Vit moment please. I didn’t move to London until two years later, and fell in love with Trade. Still the most insane club I’ve ever been too. But sadly never got to hear Tony do his thing!

NEIL: Paradise Garage, easily. No contest. 1979. My favourite year for disco.

The Pump launch at the start of January was a huge success, with upstairs guests Michael Turnbull & Munroe Bergdorff… Can you tell us a bit about your guests for the next party, and what they will be bringing to the table?

NEIL: We’ve got Rod Thomas AKA Bright Light Bright Light coming over from Brooklyn! He does Romy & Michele’s Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance over there, which is brilliant, and loves everything nineties. So expect a lot of that in his set. Then there’s Farah DJ, currently mixing things up at the Glory and Magic Roundabout. He loves weaving in and out of disco and R&B, so together with Rod we think we’ve got a pretty good package for the poppers upstairs. Us residents will be keeping things pumping in the basement. While upstairs pops, downstairs pumps!

Most pumping house track of 2015?

DAVID: Tazer vs Tink – ‘Wet Dollars’… I’m a total sucker for a bit of pumping hip-house, and this one is BANGIN’!

NEIL: For me I guess it’s a close run battle between MK’s mix of Raleigh Ritchie’s ‘Bloodsport’ or the Todd Terry mix of Robyn & La Bagatelle Musique’s ‘Love Is Free’, featuring Maluca. Bang ’em out, babe.

JOHNNY: Peking Duk featuring Nicole Millar – ‘High’ (Terace Remix) – I remember the first time this grabbed me, driving about town and this came on my ipod. I had to stop the car, whack it up and bounce about in my seat for 5 minutes :-)

NEIL: Haha, amazing

In five words, can you tell us what to expect from the debut of PUMP?

NEIL & DAVID: Sweaty       

JOHNNY: bouncy, joyous       

DAVID: throbbing               

ALL: fun!

Catch Neil Prince, David Oh & Johnny Kalifornia at PUMP! at Dalston Superstore on Saturday, 20 February from 9pm-4am.

Chris Camplin Calendar

By Clayton Wright

Little Gay Brother are back at Dalston Superstore with their annual Slumber Party, and it’s also resident DJ and all round hottie Chris Camplin’s birthday. As well as being a superstar DJ, Chris is also the superstar of every gay man’s tumblr page. To celebrate the bearded man mountain himself, his pals that played at LGB throughout 2013 have picked their favourite Camplin photos. We thought they might make a nice calendar… What’s your favourite month?

January – Mr. Wright and Master Haze (Man Sushi)

Chris Camplin - January - Man Sushi

Dear Daddy Issues,
Here is a photo we like to call “Birthday Boy in Birthday Suit” haha.
Happy Birthday from your Little Gay Brothers, you’re growing up so fast and so is your beard.
P.S. please don’t go outside dressed in just rice and fish, you will freeze in January.
Love & Soy Sauce
Man Sushi x

February –

Chris Camplin - February - Frankco

Happy Birthday Chris! I have said it a million times already, but I am so glad to have met you. You are one the coolest people I have met for a while. I am so grateful for your generosity, your love, your music and vibes. I hope life continues to treat you well brother man. BIG LOVE!

March – Maze & Masters (Verity Mayes and Bryony Masters)

Chris Camplin - March - Maze & Masters

Of course you treat every day like a Lambrini and Pall Mall fuelled birthday binge, but here’s a special lesbian pussy stroke for the big one, big boy.
-Verity & Bryony. 

April – Severino – Horse Meat Disco

Chris Camplin - April - Severino

A man in a crispy white shirt and suit is always hot!
Buon compleanno gorgeous Chris.
Love Severino xxx

May – Wes db

Chris Camplin - May - Wes db

The Christopher Camplin living sex doll from the channel 4 documentary with fully penetrable vagina and installed rectum. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Xx
Love Wes

June – David Oh and Neil Prince – Songs of Praise

Chris Camplin - June - Neil & David

Fucking poser, have a smashing birthday xx
David Oh and Neil Prince x

July – Mikki Most – Dalston Superstore

Chris Camplin - July - Mikki

(Photo from Little Gay Brother’s Secret Garden Party Venue, Powders)

Day three at Secret Garden Party was when the fun really began! Happy Birthday Mr Camplin – Disco Legend! xx

August – Bright Light, Bright Light

Chris Camplin - August - Bright Light Bright Light

You don’t often see pictures of Chris smiling! So when you see a picture that cracks the serious look, it’s a nice reminder that he’s quite funny, and while he spends a lot of time modelling and being composed, the other part of his life as a DJ isn’t necessarily as serious and well behaved.
Happy birthday sir. Give some good birthday face x
-Bright Light Bright Light 

September – Martyn Fitzgerald – Bender

Chris Camplin - September - Martyn Fitzgerald

I don’t know the context of this photo, or who the other bloke is, but there’s just something really wrong about it.  The one on the right has a whiff of an early ’80s BBC children’s TV presenter about him, and this is the photo to get him the sack…  Are they in a bath? The plant, the contented smiles, the neckerchiefs, the bubble bath on knee… it’s like a still from a weird Channel 4 program that got loads of complaints from Surrey. Chris, explain.
Happy, happy birthday!  I can’t remember your age, but I’m always surprised at how young you are  x

October – Guy Williams

Chris Camplin - October - Guy Williams

Oi what you lookin’ at!?
Look forward to playing for your 50th xx

November – Meat Boys -Fannar Sveinn Gudmundsson and Adrian Lourie

Chris Camplin - November - Meat Boys

Til hammo med ammo elsku Chris. Minn heydur ad kynnast ter og spila vid hlid ter. Gangi ter allt sem best! An Icelandic message from Fannar. Much love xx. 

This is probably one of the first pictures of you I’d seen and to me it sums up exactly why your the epitome of a pinup. Happy Birthday Handsome Christopher. Loadsa Love Adrian ( xx

-Meat Boys

December – Terry Vietheer

Chris Camplin - December - Terry Vietheer

Happy birthday big man! Funny to think we met at a casting a couple of years ago and now playing music together around the world. Let the good times roll!

Plus cos it’s his birthday we found some that didn’t make the calendar but definitely need to be hung on someones wall…

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin

Chris Camplin 

Help Chris celebrate his birthday at Little Gay Brother Presents: The Slumber Party on Saturday 18th January at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Any Chris Camplin addicts like us can follow his club night and events on
Facebook at,
Tumblr at 
and sign up to news letters at

Happy Birthday Handsome.

Dolly Parton’s Guide To Being A World Class Whore

By Clayton Wright

Little Gay Brother presents The Back House, a Dolly Parton inspired Whore House Party with Neil Prince, The Meat Boys, Chris Camplin, Maze & Masters, Tim Fanucci and Wes db. Ahead of Saturday’s hoedown, we’ve compiled our guide to how to become a great whore via the medium of the great Dolly Parton.  

Step 1: “Wear very little.”

In this film Dolly plays a madame of a brothel. This film has everything, including young red necks who do a very homoerotic dance in a high school football locker room. It also showcases Dolly and her incredibly large chest in a variety of ’80s underwear. She sings a tender and heartfelt version of I Will Always Love You”, way before Whitney. This is what any good whore should aspire too and it’s the theme for our party. 

Taken from The Best Little Whore House in Texas.

Step 2: “Don’t let your pimp boss you around.”

This particular tip comes from the film that made her a Hollywood star, Nine Till Five. Dolly shows us who’s the boss and gives us a master class on being badass. She threatens to Lorena-Bobbitt her over-familiar boss with her gun. Love it. 

Taken from Nine Till Five.

Step 3: “Pick out and mentor future whores.”

Filmed at the spiritual meeca for every true redneck whore, or as Dolly likes to call it “Disney World with fried chicken”, Dollywood. Dolly performs one of our favourite songs about a whore called Jolene with future whore Miley Cyrus (way before she embraced her inner whore). 

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton singing Jolene live at Dollywood

Step 4: “Be prepared.”

Dolly is no fool. She knows any good whore is on call night or day. In this clip, Dolly confesses to Graham how she sleeps in her make up, just incase she has to leave in the middle of the night. She also says she would have to be “awful hungry” to pose nude. Another great piece of advice: no good whore gives it away for free, even to Playboy. 

Dolly Parton appearance on Graham Norton

5: “Sell out.”

Like every good whore, you have to sell out. This however is next level. Watch Dolly do the most awkward rap ever. What a whore. 

Dolly Parton raps for Queen Latifah

Join Clayton and the rest of Little Gay Brother for The Back House this Saturday 16th November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Qboy on Qboy

Ahead of QBoy’s birthday edition of Put It In Your Mouth next Thursday, we did the unthinkable… and asked him to interview himself! He’s quizzed himself on all the burning issues from what really annoys him, to starsigns, and of course, music. Join him on a trip through his psyche in this extra special Qboy on Qboy interview…

So it’s your birthday! What have you got planned for your celebrations?

Well, my party Put It In Your Mouth, which I run with Neil Prince, is on at Dalston Superstore the very night of my birthday so naturally I have invited all my friends to come celebrate with me. 

What will you be playing at Put It In Your Mouth?

Definitely some Teedra Moses, some TLC and Salt-N-Pepa are always necessary, maybe some Kendrick Lamar, Wu Tang, Eve, Major Lazer too. 

What does “birthday” mean to you?

More often than not I have avoided birthdays, or if I celebrated them it was because I felt obliged. I am now at a point where I see life as a gift and a beautiful opportunity. I understand how lucky I am and how many people do not even get to my age in one piece. 

You are naked on the poster of PIIYM – you seem to be naked a lot. Isn’t that a bit cheap?

One of my favourite places to be is naked on a beach, free from restraints and ideals. I’m pretty much a hippy at heart and consider myself to be very spiritual. I’m also a bit of a slut and have no problems using my body to get some attention. I am more aware than ever of how fleeting youth is so have no qualms about making the most of it right now.  

I hear you’re into star signs?

LOVE them. Love horoscopes – I know a lot about them. I have a very useless talent of being able to guess people’s sign just from looking at them. I’m not always right but most of the time.

What is the thing you find most annoying?

I really should be on that programme Grumpy Old Men. At the top of my list are people who stand on the left side of the escalator and people who ring the bell more than once to stop the bus. I hold a special place for those people that design food packaging with no real thought. How many times have you peeled back the plastic film on something and instead of coming off in one piece with ease, it’s coming off in strips, sticking to the seal around the outside. It is my belief that these people should be slayed. 

What are you afraid of?

Failure. Not achieving what I set out to. The idea of dying doesn’t fill me with joy either. Loosing my mobility too. I am a dancer. I dance my way to the kitchen to get breakfast. I dance all the time. I am a dancing fool. Loosing that ability would be really depressing. 

What makes your day?

Things that warm my heart like helping people or feeling like I have contributed. However, I won’t stifle a smile if I were to sit down with my friends, some donuts and a pack of cards. I LOVE to play Shithead. That’s a good day right there too!

What are you most proud of?

I would have to say Coming Out To Class, the Channel 4 documentary I presented. I get e-mails from people affected or moved by it, from young teens experiencing the same things right now to older people who reflected on their own time at school. It feels good to be able to offer help and especially give younger people some confidence – as I certainly had very little when I was a young teen. 

Are you worried interviewing yourself is a bit contrived?

Yes a bit, but I talk to myself all the time so this feels quite normal. 

Can you figure out a Rubik’s cube?

Nope. I have no patience for that. 

You have been an active DJ and party promoter – are you still making music?

Yes, I have a brand new music video out very soon, with a mixtape to follow. It has taken some time to get to this final stage but I am looking forward to getting it out there so I can start performing again. I love performing and love touring and travelling to different cities, meeting new people. 

Who would you most like to work with?

Well – who would say no to a hook by Katy Perry? You can say what you like about her but her hooks are laced with razor blades and they get right in there, stuck in your head all day long. 

Do you have any advice for me?

Yes. Stop worrying about what people think of you, listen to your soul more, understand how obsessive the mind is, meditate for longer, keep active, smoke less, help as many people as you can each day, shine from within and repeat the mantra “I approve of myself” as much as you can (even when you don’t – nobodies perfect, not even you, but it’s okay). 

Join QBoy at his birthday edition of Put It In Your Mouth on Thursday 10th October from 9pm – 2.30am.

Hitman… & Him!

With ‘Her’ aka Anna Greenwood away, it’s time for a one-off pairing of Neil Prince (Hitman) and David Robson (Him). So in the true spirit of things, ahead of Thursday’s shindig we asked the boys to pick their fave male duo pop videos! Behold… Hitman & Him!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Possibly the best track Will Smith has ever done. Yes, we mean that over the sublime Just Cruising.

Disclosure (featuring AlunaGeorge) – White Noise

The hottest male duo right now (and brothers too!) is most definitely Disclosure. Sterling album, sterling single.

Jay Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris

A real modern day anthem. Always gets one of the biggest reactions on any dance floor.

Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing

We couldn’t do a male duo feature without them. Britain’s finest, Pet Shop Boys. The sun’s out so we’ve gone for this homoerotically charged video from summer ’88.

Ollie & Jerry – Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us

And keeping it old school we’ve got this mighty fine hip-pop hybrid from summer ’84.

Join Neil and David for Hitman & Him this Thursday 13th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2:30am

Neil Prince

This Thursday sees QBoy and Neil Prince return to Superstore for another round of Put It In Your Mouth. Delving into their record boxes, the boys will be playing the best of r’n’b and hip hop from all sex and decades (but mostly ’90s) for some midweek drinking and dancing. Ahead of the party we asked Neil Prince to investigate the growing trend of celebrities from the genre putting things in their actual mouths…

Put It In Your Mouth - Beyonce
Good old Beyonce. Ever the healthy one, here she is munching on an apple, setting a good example.

Put It In Your Mouth - Jay Z and Beyonce

Unless her husband Jay-Z has his way. Here, have some pizza. No, really, have some more. MORE.

Put It In Your Mouth - Mariah Carey

After all, Mariah can demonstrate the true joy a slice can bring. Simply slip on your heels and shed those pounds afterwards with a fierce workout on the cross trainer.

Put It In Your Mouth - Eminem

Eminem’s also one for fast food. Here he is pre-weight gain. McDonald’s being the order of the day. 

But not for Mary J. She be loving crispy chicken down Burger King!

Put It In Your Mouth - LL Cool J

LL Cool J’s an Around The Subway Kinda Guy…

Put It In Your Mouth - Snoop Dogg

…Whilst Snoop Dogg likes the whole joint. Hope that’s not a lion. Or a pony.

Put It In Your Mouth - Ginuwine

Ginuwine getting caught up in the horse meat scandal there. The steaks is high.

Put It In Your Mouth - De La Soul

So maybe just stick to a hot dog J-Lo?

Put It In Your Mouth - J Lo

She’s real. She’s feelin’ so good. She’s stuffing it down like a trooper. Oh, which brings us on to Lil’ Kim…

Put It In Your Mouth - Lil Kim

No prizes for what she’s after. Though she seems to have settled for a Peperami. Let’s move onto something healthier shall we?

Put It In Your Mouth - Dr Dre

Beets by Dre. They’re all the rage apparently. Or how about Justin’s corn on the cob?

Put It In Your Mouth - Justin Timberlake

A troublesome eating task. Like noodles. But Kanye is king.

Put It In Your Mouth - Kanye West

Oh look, he’s finished his plate. Time for dessert!

Put It In Your Mouth - Kelis

Kelis loving a lollipop there. But a trip to the dentist was inevitable.

Put It In Your Mouth - Kelis

Sorry Kelis. So watch out Pharrell! 

Put It In Your Mouth - Pharrell

Greedy! Perhaps just have a slice of cake?

Put It In Your Mouth - Foxy Brown

Mmmmm Foxy! Queen Latifah prefers something savoury instead.

Put It In Your Mouth - Queen Latifah

Like cheese. On a stick. What a woman. Sadly no pineapple. Lauryn’s got some pears tho.

Put It In Your Mouth - Lauryn Hill

Lauryn looking longingly at her pears there. She’ll never get that second album done. But let’s wash all this down with some champers eh?

Put It In Your Mouth - Busta Rhymes

And a cigar. Thanks Busta. R Kelly insists on Cristal, mind.

Put It In Your Mouth - R Kelly

You must be pretty full now. But if you’re not satisfied why not just eat the whole damn store.

Would you like some Salt-n-Pepa with that?

Put It In Your Mouth - Salt N Pepa

Join Neil Prince and QBoy for Put It In Your Mouth this Thursday 4th April from 9pm – 2:30am.

Neil Prince & Anna Greenwood

Next week sees Neil Prince team up with Anna Greenwood to take us on a distinctly unapologetic journey through pop with the launch of their new night The Hitman & Her. To find out exactly what musical highs and lows they’ll be mining, we caught up with them for a YouTube-based chat about what tracks they’ll be rolling out for every dancefloor occasion… 

What’s your fave track to get up and go to…

Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Love)

Anna: It’s default for most things to be honest.
Neil: You can never go wrong with some uplifting Pointer pop.

What do you play to get some dancefloor snogging going on…

Divinyls – I Touch Myself

Neil: And who doesn’t?
Anna: I don’t. I am a nun. Pop nun. 

What track always gets people doing the choreographed dance that goes with it…

Tina Turner – Proud Mary

Neil: Guaranteed to get some interesting interpretations of Tina’s turns.
Anna: Thighs. It’s about colossal thighs and SWOOSHING of mane. Like a sex horse.

What’s your best slowdance classic…

R Kelly – Bump N Grind

Anna: Aaahh yeaahh. R’n’b dancefloor dry hump o’clock.
Neil: My miiiind’s telling me no!

What’s your ultimate ’80s singalong…

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Neil: No contest.
Anna: Look at how young and enthused she is! So spritely. Curse you Bobby Brown.

What track do you wish you’d been in the video for…

Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening

Neil: I WANT to be Sheryl Lee Ralph in this video! Does everything an ’80s New York video should.
Anna: I don’t want to be in this video. Can I be in Girls Aloud instead please?

What’s the most unashamed pop track you’ll play out…

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Anna: Took a while for me but it is relentless in its majesty.
Neil: It’s just perfectly produced. I could do much worse than this but everybody knows that.

Best boy/girl duet…

Boy Meets Girl – Waiting For A Star To Fall

Anna: Obvs.
Neil: Magical.

Pick one track that IS “the hitman”…

Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

Anna: Quincy produced Jacko, ergo, he is the hitman.
Neil: Best musical meeting of minds of a generation.

And pick one track that IS “her”…

Beyonce- Crazy In Love

Neil: Our modern day undisputed queen.
Anna: I like it when girls try to do the dance in a sexy way at boys. None of us are Beyonce, but booze gives us the powers to think we are. 

Join Neil Prince and Anna Greenwood for The Hitman & Her on Thursday 14th March from 9pm – 2:30am.


Next week sees the launch of a brand new Thursday night from the trailblazing and openly gay rapper QBoy. He’s delving into his love of classic hip hop and r’n’b, covering all decades and sexes (but lingering longest in the ’90s) for his latest club offering, the aptly named Put It In Your Mouth. We caught up with QBoy ahead of the party to quiz him on divas, rappers, records and being gay in hip hop…

What is the ethos behind your new night, Put It In Your Mouth?

Hip-hop and r’nb has always been my background, especially late ’80s and all throughout the ’90s, and right now there seems to be a big demand for it all over again which pleases me no end as a DJ. I’ve been having the time of my life playing with Neil Prince and David Oh at our night R&She where we play only female artists from hip-hop and r’n’b – but there is still always so many great tracks by male artists that I want to play or that get requested, so I wanted to make PIIYM a solid all-round ’90s r’nb party – with a little ’80s classic thrown in. 
Which hip hop artist or rapper would you say has had the biggest influence on your career?
Salt-N-Pepa are my Queens no doubt. I’ve followed them since I was much younger and I am blessed to count them as friends of mine now (or you could say “stalker fan hunts down icons until they give in,” haha). I think Salt-N-Pepa are still the best example of great hip-hop as they were interesting characters and personalities, they were fashion trend setters, they made great music that everybody loved even if you were not a fan of rap – many with lyrics dealing with serious matters but in a palatable and comfortable way, and they gave the best performances, with girl DJ Spinderella, full live band and dancers and choreography. Most rappers just walk up and down with a microphone, which to me is not that captivating in a live performance. I would have to add PIIYM poster girl Lil’ Kim as a big influence too!
Put It In Your Mouth poster
Neil Prince from R&She will be joining you for PIIYM… any other familiar faces we can expect to see over the next few months?
Yes yes – I definitely will be bringing in David Oh from R&She and DJ Mistamaker from new hip-hop night GULLY. Mistamaker started over 12 years ago and he is without a doubt the best scratch DJ instrumentalist the gay community has – a real talent. 
What was the first ever hip hop or r’n’b record you ever bought?
Mmmmm – does early 5 Star count as r’n’b? I would say it was probably Neneh Cherry’s Manchild on 7″, but I also had a lot of Technotronic back then too – not strictly hip-hop but definitely rap!


Which year or decade of the music you love do you wish you could go back to? 

Personally 1989 into 1990 was the most exciting music period for me. As well as Salt-N-Pepa and Neneh Cherry, I was also heavy into Janet’s Rhythm Nation 1814, the tail end of Michael’s Bad, De La Soul, Soul II Soul, Technotronic and the whole hip-house thing I loved too. 
Since your debut EP came out in 2004, do you think it’s got significantly easier to be accepted as gay in the hip hop community?
I was never trying to be accepted by the hip-hop community. I actually had to fight to be accepted by the gay community. The gay community had little understanding of rap music, of hip-hop culture and were incredibly intolerant at first. Now it seems there is a new gay rapper every other week so I guess it’s easier now. 
With homophobia still fairly rife in the genre, are there any artists you won’t play out?
I don’t agree with that. Homophobia is rife only in the gangsta element of hip-hop and it is the gangsta element that has been pushed – on purpose – by the major record companies since the early 1990’s. The homophobia, sexism, violence, gun and drug promotion was not in any of the mainstream acts before 1993. So, if you think hip-hop is homophobic then you are not looking hard enough for artists who aren’t. With the internet now you don’t have to listen to just what is played on the radio or TV anymore. 
Best ever diva beef for sheer entertainment value?
A gay rapper never spills dirt on those he worships haha! The real divas I have met have always been nothing but friendly kind people. The Lil’ Kim verses Foxy Brown story however, as old as it is, was so entertaining way back when I seriously watched it like episodes of Dallas! #DRAMA!
What’s the most treasured record you own?
Hmmm… probably my signed Salt-N-Pepa LP’s!
And finally what can we expect to hear from your own music this year?
I am preparing to make the first music video from my new album. The song is a cover of 1979 classic Pop Muzik and I am super excited about it! I am talking with various directors about the right treatment as we speak – expect it in the Spring! 
Join QBoy for Put It In Your Mouth on Thursday 7th March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2:30am.

Erection Classics

The Erection Section has been celebrating the best of power ballads and love songs (with an especially fond remembrance of the 1980’s) for well over a decade. Founded by Bugged Out’s Johnno Burgess with a later lineup addition of Dan Beaumont; the Section makes its way to Dalston Superstore for an evening of key-changes, “Eastenders” drums and children’s choir reprises. Johnno has kindly supplied us with his ‘Section Top 5 to give you a taster of what is to come. Sentimental powers might help you now…  
Heart – Alone

Various Heart songs from their ’80s Hair Metal Imperial phase do the trick. These Dreams and What About Love have that similar quiet-quiet-LOUD-quiet-quiet-LOUD format that Nirvana CLEARLY stole from them. Horse Meat Disco’s Severino once very bravely dropped this outside the confines of the Section, at Glastonbury, in the middle of a disco set. 

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing

One of Beaumont’s bangers (and from the period when Whitney was still alive). An instant head and heart turner for every lady in the house. Great key change. Visions of Kevin Costner being a “safe pair of hands”. 

Abba – The Winner Takes It All

Throats lumpen as soon as the pianos cascade downwards and the saddest of breakup records begins to unfurl. Mad to think The Blokes got The Ladies to sing such a record when their own relationships were in tatters and that’s the reason why Abba are up there with The Beatles. Everyone in the Section has to sing, “Big ones, small ones” on cue. 

Toto – Africa

Powerful chords. And also powerful when you hear the throng sing. As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti. 

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is

Apparently one of Foreigner, probably Johnny Foreigner, wrote this to woo some broad who in turn gave birth to Mark Ronson. But don’t hold that against this incredible song. A brooding start and an epic, gospel filled climax. Just like when the Sectioneers make love. 

Join Johnno Burgess, Dan Beaumont and Neil Price for Erection Section on Valentine’s Day, Thursday 14th February at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2:30 am