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Club Dimanche

Club Dimanche

Sunday sees a special pop-up London Fashion Week party takeover Dalston Superstore. Club Dimanche, set up and hosted by Konstantinos Menelaou and Michelle Arnusch, plays host to some of the hottest names in fashion from Marios Schwab to Aqua by Aqua. RSVP will be required for this fabulous party and they're only asking for a suggested donation of £3 on the door that will go straight into the pockets of housing and homelessness charity, Shelter. We caught up with both Michelle and Konstantinos to find out more ahead of the party...

What led to you deciding to set up Club Dimanche?

We just wanted to have a good party and we liked the idea of the designers and talent all DJing together.

Why Shelter?

We were very inspired by the different services they offer and we wanted to contribute. We both regularly talk to homeless people around our areas to try to get to know them and help them out where we can. One thing we both realized is that there are a lot of misconceptions around homeless people and the reasons they ended up where they are - kids who were facing abuse at home etc. The stories are all so different you can really see how easy it is for someone to face these troubles. It's also heartbreaking to hear how much abuse they get on the streets, verbally, physically etc. If any charity is trying to help them we are all for it.

And why do you feel it is important to establish a strong connection between fashion events and charities like Shelter?

It's such a huge industry and has so much to offer so why not direct that towards people who really need some help.

How did you chose which fashion luminaries would be DJing?

We just asked our friends.

Club Dimanche at Dalston Superstore

What kind of music can we expect?

Different flavours of super dance! 

How does Club Dimanche differentiate from the other parties taking place during LFW?

Different designers, stylists and musicians all DJing together for charity.

Who on your lineup are you looking forward to seeing for whatever reason?

All of them of course.

What one track epitomises what you're aiming for with Club Dimanche?

Anything by Prince And The Revolution. 

What will you be wearing?

Michelle: Belle Sauvage by Chris Neuman and Virginia Ferreira. 

Konstantinos: I haven't decided yet.

And how can we get an invite?

Top secret but RSVP is michelle@glassloves.com

Join Michelle and Konstantinos at Club Dimanche this Sunday from 9pm - 2:30am at Dalston Superstore.

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Club Dimanche