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Timothy J Fairplay

Timothy J Fairplay

Tonight sees Timothy J Fairplay join Say Yes residents Nadia Ksaiba and Thomas Whitehead for a wild and wonderful celebration of genres from disco, post punk, early house and beyond. Currently collaborating with Andrew Weatherall under The Asphodells moniker, Timothy J Fairplay has also been pumping out hot production jams. His productions and DJ sets vary between Krautrock, sparse Chicago Jams and atmospheric '80s gang movie soundtracks. We decided to find out more.

Why have you made "The Lonely City" your home?

It's partly me trying to be vaguely mysterious, I quite like people not knowing quite where I am based, but it's also an illusion to some fictional dystopian city, I make references to 'The Lonely City' in my music quite a lot.     

You also run a night in Glasgow with Scott Fraser called Crimes Of The Future. Where does the name come from?

Crimes of the Future is a really early David Cronenberg short film set around a dermatological clinic called The House of Skin. The clinics head scientist Antoine Rouge has caused a deadly plague with cosmetic products. It's a very odd film - even by Cronenberg standards, and with a very odd atmosphere... perfect for naming a techno night after.

What informs your eclectic taste?

I have always been into all sorts of music really, there are too many cool sounds out there to only be into a couple of genres. I hate politeness in music and tend to like disorder. I worked in a record shop for years, that always tends to make your tastes very broad. 

If you stumbled across a time machine, what era would you be dialling back to visit?

Probably Germany in the mid/late '70s/ early '80s, see some of those krautrock acts at their height. Might wanna pop over to Italy too... I dunno, tough question, I'm actually quite happy in the here and now really with a romantic imagined view of the past.  

What's next for your side project with Andrew Weatherall, The Asphodells?

Our album Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust is out at the start of February, doing promotion for that and then I think starting on a follow up. 

A lot of your music ends up as vinyl only or limited edition vinyl- is this a conscious choice and if so why is vinyl particularly important to you?

Naa not really, I think some of it is gonna start to creep out now digitally. I don't have a big thing about vinyl only, though it's always nice to put out a physical release. 

What is your favourite film soundtrack?

That's pretty tough, though its probably John Carpenter's The Fog, though Fabio Frizzi's Zombie Flesh Eaters soundtrack runs a pretty close second and Marcello Giombini's Anthropophagus: The Beast bringing up the rear. 

What was the last thing you saw/read/heard that truly moved you? 

Favorite recent album is probably Tracks From The Trailer by Unit Black Flight, really enjoyed the film Holy Motors, and recently re-read Super Sad True Love Story, a properly terrifying book.  

How does your sound fit into Say Yes?

I have a love for Italo, electro disco and synth pop and I've been trawling the shelves for a few camp classics I have not played in a while. There's quite a big Italo influence in my own music though I tend not to always shout about it.    

Join Timothy J Fairplay at Say Yes tonight with Nadia Ksaiba and Thomas Whitehead at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Timothy J Fairplay