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This Saturday we welcome Mexico City born, Barcelona based Lokier to Dalston Superstore for TanzBar. As both a DJ and a producer she’s adept at bringing together seeming disparate sounds and genres and mixing them together to create her own unique style. Expect her DJ set this weekend to span everything from techno to disco, taking in post punk and rock along the way. Ahead of the party we caught up with her to find out more about her move to Europe, her enduring relationship with Morgan Hammer and her taste in horror film soundtracks…

It often seems like women especially in dance music get asked really rubbish gender based question in interviews. What do you wish they’d ask they’d ask instead but never do?

They could ask for a funny/crazy experience or for advice. I always love reading artists anecdotes. You can either have a good laugh or learn something from their experience.   

You’re known for sneaking in a bit of disco or even post punk into your DJ sets- can you talk us through the evolution of your diverse music taste?

I’m always listening and searching for new music that inspires me. I can’t stick with one genre because that bores me. When I was younger I listened to rock and punk, then when I started DJing I played a lot of rough techno, then I played super slow and sweet disco, and now I think it’s a combination of everything I guess! It’s always been very complicated to describe my style because I’m always evolving in some sort of way. I like music that makes me feel something. 

Why did you choose In Aeternam Vale for your I’m A Cliché Edit Service contribution?

I remember when I first listened to Dust Under Brightness, it really caught up my attention. When I was listening to it, I imagined more sounds on top of it. I wasn’t thinking of doing an Edit Service at the time, but when I finished it I thought that it could work.  

You’re from Mexico City but are now based in Europe… What was the impetus for this pretty full on move? Why Barcelona over anywhere else?

Around the time that I decided to move I was having a lot more gig offers in Europe than in Mexico. Also, Morgan Hammer lives there and we were planning to work together and she finally convinced me to do it. The city is beautiful, the weather is great, and I have several friends that live there now, so I think those are the main reasons.  

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

Studio 54 of course!

You’re now working with Morgan Hammer- how and why do you think you guys complement each other?

Morgan and I have very similar taste in music. I think our minds are connected in some way. It’s not like she has something that I’m missing or that I do things that she can’t do, it’s more like whenever I feel like something is missing she would suggest something and it always feels like I would’ve thought of that any other day. She works as my inspiration when I’m lost and vice versa. 

As an avid horror fan, and considering you’ve even been described as “Berghain John Carpenter”, what for you is the epitome of horror soundtracks in terms of tone, cinematic scale and downright musical scariness?

That one is hard to answer! There are a lot of amazing movies and soundtracks. The one that crosses my mind right now is Suspiria. The soundtrack produced by Goblin is perfect. Mysterious, weird and elegant. Like the movie itself.

Okay, you’re throwing a party. Describe the ideal setting, venue, booth set-up (if relevant), line-up and crowd.

An old underground (literally) pub, lit with candles, not too crowded and as for the line up I think i’d love to play an all-nighter as She Made Monster (my project with Morgan Hammer). 

What do you hope your epitaph reads? How do you want people to remember you?

Instead of an epitaph, I want music to be continuously playing. Something melancholic, not too sad, not too happy. I want to make people remember feelings, not ideas. 

What was the last piece of art, of any medium, that truly moved you?

I know it’s ridiculous but that girl robot that dances with a monster mask. I even had a dream about me dancing like that. 

Join Lokier this Saturday 23rd May for TanzBar at Dalston Superstore 9pm – 4.30am.


Bank holiday Saturday sees Handsome, east London’s best celebration of uplifting house and hot men welcomed to Dalston Superstore for the first time! The heads behind Handsome, Martyn Fitzgerald and Toby Grimditch, sent us this sizzling promo video to share so we posed a few questions to them about the ethos of the night, their fabulous posters and more…

What’s the ethos of Handsome?
Martyn: Handsome is about the house/techno that came out of New York, Chicago & Detroit in the ’80s and what has grown out of that since. 
Toby: We grew up in some of the most amazing clubs ever to hit London, which are now long gone and to be honest nothing ever replaced them. Handsome is our salute to that… bring all kinds of people, be them gay or straight, black or white etc into a space where they just want to dance & have FUN! The best house music (which people LOVE to dance to) and lots of up for it happy faces.
Why did you originally decide to have it at Visions Video Bar?
Toby: Visions has its own special recipe that I think won me and Martyn over from the start, underground and a little dodgy (in a good way). Handsome is not about big pretentious ‘look at me’ spaces… it’s about getting down to it!!! Dalston Superstore is somewhere you can actually get sweaty as a betty!
Martyn: ‘Cos it’s a got that proper just-taken-over-some-random-basement-and-put-a-soundsystem in feel/80s vibe – it’s even got black and white tiled flooring! And Eddie who runs it is wicked, he’s been there since before most of us were drawing breath and is a total local diamond.  
How will you expand the music policy now you have two rooms to play with here at Superstore?
Toby: Downstairs will continue the Handsome ‘strict’ house policy of US house, whilst upstairs will give the chance for Martyn to showcase his DJ skills (he is actually rather good and his music – there is a compliment coming here – Hold Tight…… He has great taste in music). So expect all sorts… good party music that will make you wanna ask Martyn for his phone number!???
You also aim for “hands in the air house”. Where will your hands be- in the air or on the decks?
Martyn: Um, mine will be on the decks when upstairs and in the air when in the basement.  Or clutching a drink.  Or giving some poor bloke a massage asking him what’s his name and where’s he from…  

Toby: As Martyn will tell you… I still got moves at 76 years of age!

What’s been your favourite Handsome poster so far and why?
Toby: The first will always be very close to my heart… for many many reasons. The excitement of doing that first party was electric & the whole production of it including shooting the artwork and watching those bloody Facebook numbers go up will stay with me all my life!
Martyn: I have two: the one of our friend Jesus [see main image], as he looks so happy and natural and the kind of Handsome we were after… not about a six pack and bubble butt, but just an ordinary guy comfortable in his own skin.  The other one is of Liz Bisoux – it’s a really beautiful portrait shot.  
Handsome poster featuring Liz Bisoux
Who is a Handsome icon?
Martyn: Carl Craig. Maybe one day…

Toby: The face of Handsome is everyone who passes through the doors and dances to the music that we showcase. But for me the ultimate Handsome Icon was our first poster boy Dominic… He was a big inspiration for me and the Handsome brand. 

What 1 track (each) sums up the night for you?

Toby: Only one track comes into my head… The System – You Are In My System (Kerri Chandler remix), it’s THE Handsome song for me.

Martyn: Paperclip People – Throw.

Join Martyn & Toby for Handsome this Bank Holiday Saturday 25th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Smokin Jo

After praying good and hard, the girls of East London have had their earthly desires granted and a heavenly force has delivered unto them a hot Easter Sunday party! Going by the somewhat sacriligious name of Sister Pantychrist, this glorious worship of dance music carries on right through the night until 4:30am, and features a fallen angel in the shape of legendary DJ and former Trade resident Smokin Jo, and five (count’em, five) ex nuns called Borja Peña, Cathal, Bisoux, Rebecca Sawyer and DJ Squeaky. 

Ahead of Sunday’s extravaganza we managed to prise Smokin’ Jo away from her divinely duties to find out more about her favourite tracks, what it takes to be a female DJ and what inspired her to pick up her headphones in the ’90s…

What parties and what DJs inspired you to start DJing yourself?

I used to go to all the big raves and underground illegal warehouse parties in the late ’80s: places like Clink St, Sunrise, The Dungeons were all amazing; DJ’s like Colin Favor, Tony Humpries, Evil Eddie Richards, Kid Batchelor really inspired me; the deep house and techno sounds I fell in love with.

When did you make your first ever mix tape?

God… ummm probably around September 1990. I got some decks and used to practise every day, I made tapes and played them in a shop I used to work in. 

What does Trade mean to you?

Trade means so much to me, It was the club that launched my career, not to mention it was utter mayhem every week. It was a dream gig, to be able to play that music to that crowd is something I will NEVER forget. It was a truly special time, the energy and the feeling that everyone was one. Every track I played and every mix I did was greeted with cheers and applause. Magical.

As a longtime London resident and someone who regularly plays here and abroad, what’s your take on the current view in the music press that London’s club scene (both on the smaller night scale and bigger warehouse events) is in dire straits?

I think the press always needs something to complain about. We are very spoilt in London to have such a diverse music scene, and while some clubs maybe are getting a bit stale and lazy, there are lots of underground, illegal or newer parties and venues that are popping up which are amazing. Dance Tunnel, Half Baked, Shelter, The Loft Studios are all amazing. If you want a good night out you need to go and and find it not expect it to come to you.

You’re our fallen angel at Sister Pantychrist… what’s the most angelic or heavenly act you’ve ever committed?

One time in Ibiza my boyfriend and I found a girl who had fallen into the port in Ibiza town, she had lost her friends, had no money and no idea what she was doing, totally off her nut. We took her back to our place and looked after for a few days, gave her food, let her stay and showed her a good time in Ibiza! 

Tell us one track you plan to play that’ll deliver salvation to the crowd…

Pleasurekraft  – American Hustle

What’s the funniest inaccuracy you’ve ever read about yourself?

That I was married to Skin from Skunk Anansie.

You’ve said in the past you found it easier to stand out when you were first starting out as there were only about 4 female DJs in the UK… now that there are a considerable amount more, what does a girl have to do to get noticed?

I guess it is the DJs that treat themselves like a brand that make it now. You have to have an agent, a manager, PR, your own record label, a club night, lots of tracks out. Maybe even your own merchandise. This is not something that I think makes a good DJ but it seems these days you have to have a team behind you to really stand out and make it.

You’ve recently been releasing on Hannah Holland’s Native City label- how did that come about?

I have know Hannah for years, she is a good mate, when she said she was starting a label I jumped at the chance, keep it in the family and all that!

What are your three favourite tracks for dancing to? And not necessarily ones that you’d play out…

The Emotions – Best of My Love

Blackstreet – No Diggity

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Join Smokin Jo at Sister Pantychrist on Easter Sunday 31st March at Dalston Superstore from 7pm – 4:30am

JoJo De Freq’s Electroclash Bangers

Easter Saturday brings a double whammy from Miss JoJo De Freq at SOS, who plays not one but TWO sets! She’ll be in the top bar playing retroclash specials AND down in the laser basement for future sounds! She’ll be joined upstairs by Scottee, K-Y-M (Kim Jakobsen) and IICARUS, and by SOS residents Jim Warboy, Joe Robots and Anton Douglas downstairs.

With JoJo’s prominent electroclash past as resident and co-founder of the legendary London clubnight Nag Nag Nag, and as a former resident of Bugged Out, we got her to dust off some of her favourite records from that era and share her electroclash bangers!

What track in your opinion really kick-started electroclash?

Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Frank Sinatra 

To me this was the song that kick-started electroclash. Originally released in 1998 on their Champaign EP, it stood out from anything else around at the time. It was dark and ’80s sounding but with a deadpan storyteller that brought in a new feminine dimension to techno. I actually first heard it that year on a Danny Tenaglia mix and had to hunt it down instantly.

What tracks do you absolutely KNOW will get everyone excited about electroclash all over again?

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away

Off her album The Teaches of Peaches released in 2000. The lo-fi, sexed-up beats were old sounds done in a new ways, by a totally new kind of irrepressible and controversial artist. When I played it the crowd’s reaction was always explosive.


Adult – Hand to Phone 

Released in 2000 out of Detroit, this husband and wife electro-duo who went on to write a string of very underground hits and found the Ersatz Audio. They innovated and influenced the sound and style of the time massively. Cold, clinical, sexy, stylish artwork combined with – slightly gothic – mechanical motor city sounds and a story to be told in the most commanding fashion. There was definitely a dominatrix theme going on and it was ever so exciting.

What track makes you instantly transported back to Nag Nag Nag whenever you hear it?

Vitalic – Poney Part 1

Off the Pony EP released on International DJ Gigolos (the most prolific and influential label of the genre) in 2001, had me discovering a hedonistic-club-conquering new sound. Again, it was analogue but it introduced a driving almost rock sound that was the predecessor to all that noisy indie-dance (i.e. Justice, Boys Noize), though this was this was moodier, more melancholic, as well as anthemic and aggressive. It’s a classic and it destroyed the floor every time.

What track sums up the fun of electroclash for you?

Green Velvet – La La Land

Off his album Whatever released in 2001. This song perfectly represents the hedonism of the day and the punk-rock, techno-funk influences that prevailed. Again, a monotone narration over a driving electroclash anthem. Just try not to sing along.

What was your favourite track to end a set with?

Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen Shower Screen (Jacques Lu Cont remix)

There was quite the creative team involved in this production; the inside story is that the lyrics were written by Tommie Sunshine and main vocals were performed by Miss Kittin. This remix by Stuart Price, under his ’80s influenced pop guise Jacques Lu Cont, was a mega anthem. He totally transformed it with his classy vintage production style. I used to love ending my sets with this as it trailed off with some gorgeous emotive synth strings worthy of holding-your-lighters-up to (not that we did that).

What’s your favourite electroclash remix?

Felix Da Housecat – What Dose it Feel Like? (Royksopp Return to the Sun remix)

This is one of my favorite remixes of the time, released in 2002 at the height of the mayhem and I think introduced a cleaner and housier sounds that was to follow all the clash and trash. This still sounds fresh today.

What track sums up electroclash here in London?

Fischerspooner – Emerge (Dave Clark remix)

In London especially, because of their infamous live shows, this was such an overly hyped band at the time. I’ve not added the original because I think it’s more electro-pop than clash. I did however, really love playing the Dave Clarke remix in my sets because it had a tougher edge and a more DJ friendly format. I know there will be a few people unable to stop themselves dancing like machines to this again.

What track is still dear to your heart?

Tiga and Zyntherious – Sunglasses at Night 

I had to include this. This was released in 2001 and was a genuine underground electro-clash hit. It reached #25 in the UK charts. I was very proud to have another fellow Canadian flying the electro flag, even the original song was by ’80s Canadian pop singer Corey Hart. Not sure if I want to play it again though!

And finally what track can you not wait to play out at Superstore?

Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips remix)

This was out in 2003, so after the big super-club-crash in 2001,the UK dance industry was beginning pick-up again, and the sounds were evolving into something altogether more groove based and a little bit acid. I loved this sound and I think it went down best in the UK. It was much better received here. I can’t wait to play it at DSS!

Join JoJo De Freq next Saturday 30th March for SOS at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4:30am.

The Lovely Jonjo

The Lovely Jonjo joins us this Sunday for another spectacular team up with the JERK! girls for a Bank Holiday bonanza in the form of Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot! In the midst of rumours flying about that headliners Bicep will be taking “tops off” to its literal conclusion in the lazer basement, we thought it best to catch up with Sueprstore fave Jonjo (who also kindly provided this amazing mix to get us the mood) and find out how he earned his disco stripes, his best carnival memories and what bands are getting him all hot ‘n’ bothered at the moment…

You’re an actual Londoner! At what discos did you hang out at during your misspent youth?

I started going to a night called Smashing, an amazing night at the Eve Club on Regent Street which is no longer there. It was a proper night out where me and my girly mates would get dressed up at home. They would make a dress each week and we’d go every Friday night and feel like we missed out if we missed one. The club was a super mixed bag of people of trannies, indie kids, and pop stars like Bjork and Oasis. Pulp even filmed their Disco 2000 video down there. Matthew Glamorre, the host, got the crowd to give me birthday bumps for my 15th birthday but he kept shouting “He’s 18! He’s 18!” I used to go to Popstarz when it was at the Paradise Club in Angel and used to sneak into club Labyrnth on Dalston Lane, which had really good drum n bass nights. It was quite rough.

Pulp – Disco 2000 on MUZU.TV.>

How did you come to be involved with the George & Dragon?

Richard and Lilli, the owners, used to regularly come into a store I was a buyer for, the Japanese brand Superlovers. They’d heard I started DJing at mates’ parties and we got along really well and they asked me to DJ as one of the first weekly residents. Then I started doing the legendary Sundays, which were mental. Lots of drunken dancing on the bar.

You were resident at the legendary Trash club with Erol and Rory… What are your lasting Monday night memories?

God, so many.  Soulwax doing their remix album live was mindblowing. These New Puritans and PNAU were also amazing. It really was a family-like tight-knit atmosphere and I just have really good memories of people smiling and going crazy on the dancefloor.

What prompted you to start Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

Partly because of really good memories of Popstarz and the gay boys that were into music other than the recent chart crap, and going to mates’ nights in Berlin that had boys who liked boys but were really into music and the lack of that in London.

If Hot Boy Dancing Spot started a boy band who would be in it? (ps you have a time machine)

Jimmy Edgar, Iggy Pop back in the day, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Nile Rogers, and Tom Daly now that he’s 18 haha!

Which bands are getting you excited right now?

Loving Disclosure at moment and have had the Tristesse Contemporaine LP on repeat. We have When Saints Go Machine playing at Durrr next month and can’t wait to see them again. What a treat.

What is your best carnival memory?

Ooooooooh so many! My mum used to know a lot of the old Twice As Nice garage crew so I used to go plonk myself by (or on) a speaker at the KCC Sound System. I can remember one really sunny year hearing Gabriel (garage tune not Joe Goddard) for the first time, incredible.

KCC was always amazing, big smiles and never any trouble. Just shuffling along with mates dancing in the streets. London needs more of that actually.

This is not the first time we’ve had a special Hot Boy Jerkin’ Spot, why do you like teaming up with JERK!

I love those gals and the JERK! crowd are always up for it and love a wine and grind and a good sing a long. I love r’n’b and ragga but I never play it out so I’ll definitely be joining the girls upstairs for a little set this Sunday.

You’ve got purveyors of the tops off dancefloor Bicep headlining in the basement. What’s your personal tops off track?

Man2Man – Male stripper OBVS.

At the moment Róisín Murphy’s collaboration with Luca C & Brigante – Flashlight Solomun remix is driving me fucking insane.

 The Lovely Jonjo plays Hot Boy Carnival Jerkin’ Spot this Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 4:30am.

Bicep’s Top Ten “Taps Aff” Tracks

The Bicep boys join us in the basement for the evening leg of our carnival bank holiday bbq extravaganza, with a night of fist-pumpers and topless tunes at Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot. Whilst we’re praying for the day to be a proper sizzler as the JERK! girls are hosting an all-day BBQ of (what else!) jerk chicken served with rice n peas, delicious home-made Caribbean coleslaw, cans of Red Stripe and vodka watermelon crushed cups, we’re pretty sure Bicep are hoping for hot weather so that everyone throwing shapes to their set will also be shedding their tops! With this in mind, we asked them to tell us their top ten “taps aff” tracks for a taste of what’s to expect…

Omar-S And L’Renee – S.E.X (A.O.L Remix)

Not so subtle on  the lyrics but as the name suggests it can only mean one thing.

George Fitzgerald – Child 

Been killin it all summer, when that baseline drops people go nuts.  

PBR Streetgang – J2ThaB

Veterans to the Taps Aff scene, PBR really know how to start a party if you kick off with this you are guaranteed a topless dancefloor.

Womack & Womack – Teardrops

When you want those girls who are acting too cool for school to get involved.

Stevie Nicks – “Smiling At You” (Young Edits Going Home Version)

Fist pumpin arps… Stevie Nicks… ooooooHHH too big.

Prince – Traffic Jam (Ron Hardy mix)

Prince + Ron Hardy = perfection. 

Wired – To The Beat Of The Drum

BASSSSSSSLINE – big tune, packed fulla energy.

Brad Shitt – Casbah Breakdown

If removing peoples tops is your thang… this is your track.

Storm Queen – It Goes On

Yes, everyone knows this, but isn’t that the point of taps aff! When the second chorus drops… so does my leather waistcoat! 

Serge Santiago – Running Passions

BIG Italo inspired piano houser from the main man Serge Santiago… no video available – hunt down the wax.

[Listen to the track here on Grooveshark]

Bicep play Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot on Sunday 26th August from 9pm – 3am along with The Lovely Jonjo, Hello Mozart, Adam Kraft and We’re Not Cool.

Josh Caffe’s Top 5 Banjee Boys

Batty Bass resident and Superstore favourite Josh Caffe launches a brand new night for the Bank Holiday weekend: Banjee Boy Realness! Along with Joe Robots from SOS and special guest Rushmore (House Of Trax), he plans to provide you with the necessary  intake of ballroom, UK house and hot banjee boys required for a long weekend. After Joe’s great mix, we thought we’d speak to Josh about his favourite banjee boys. Here’s his top five… 

Kurtis Blow Banjee Boy

Kurtis Blow – not gay but definitely has Banjee Boy credit plus the his name and album cover are amazing!

Cazwell Banjee Boy

Cazwell – original Banjee Boy – totally fearless with his lyrics and best mates with Amanda Lepore, schwerrrrk!

Frank Ocean Banjee Boy

Frank Ocean –  An amazing talent, who is definitely switching things up with Hip Hop  RnB, I salute his confidence and music.

Le1f Banjee Boy

Le1f –  Just watch the video for his track Wut. I hate to use the word ‘fierce’ but he has bucket loads of it.  Definitely one to watch. 


Zebra Katz Banjee Boy

Zebra Katz –  Bringing Banjee Boy Realness to the fashion pack (in a good way) – he represents what’s currently happening in the NY Vogue/Ballroom scene. 

 Josh Caffe plays Banjee Boy Realness on Friday 24th August with Rushmore (House Of Trax) and Joe Robots (SOS) from 9pm – 3am.

Dick And Fanny

Mixed gay dance party Dick And Fanny comes to Superstore this Sunday to see in the Queen’s Jubilee in style with special guests from Berlin, The Pet Shop Bears. We pinned down the promoters behind the celebrated night, Alex Karotsch and Sandra Le, to find out what makes their night so special and how they come up with inspiration for their fabulous posters…

Tell us about the genesis of Dick And Fanny?

Alex: I started running Kimono Krush with a few friends back in October 2008 at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Sandra was kind of begging me to do something east. When I finally did it was Dirtbox, which is very man-heavy. So we decided to do something together that’s a more mixed affair. Sandra and her friend Simon had always talked about how they can never really go out together because it’s either girl nights or boy nights. So we decided to organise something that might appeal to both sexes. Sandra really wanted to book Kim Ann Foxman, so asked her, booked a venue and went ahead with it. We were really shitting ourselves that nobody would turn up but it was a huge success.

Sandra: The genesis really came from wanting to dance with (gay) friends of whatever gender to great dance music. Simon and I had been thinking that if we couldn’t find such a party maybe we should start one but then nothing came out of this. In the meantime I was nagging Alex about starting such a night in east London. I only got involved in it seriously because I really wanted Kim Ann to come and play in London. One day I contacted her not really thinking that it’d work but not only she was super lovely but she was also totally up for it. This is how it started and the rest is history…

How did you come up with your amazing DJ names?

Alex: I came up with my name years before I actually started DJing. It came from a jokey conversation I had with a friend about her wanting to make a porn version of Gosford Park and call it Gosford Pork. I was going to ‘make’ the sequel and call it The Duchess of Pork. And when I was deciding on a DJ name a couple of years later I thought it’d be funny.

?Sandra: Well I don’t have a DJ name but Dick And Fanny was coined by a friend of Alex’s. The idea was to have a name that would appeal to both sexes and be funny. Dick and Fanny are old-fashioned names but also, well, you know…

Describe the musical policy at D And F…

Alex: Our musical policy was very much informed by our first few guests. Since we had Kim Ann Foxman as our main guest for the first DAF and we really love classic house and techno we built the music policy around that and added some Italo and hi-nrg for fun which usually gets played earlier in the night.

What’s one quintessential D And F track?

Kim Ann Foxman – Creature (MR.INTL)

Why is it so rare to find gay clubs that attract equal numbers of guys and girls?


Alex: I think there can be a bit of animosity between lesbians and gays so they don’t always mix when going out; a lot of nights are also geared towards a specific audience, either guys or girls. But in east London there’s a bit more crossover and there are a lot of friendships between gay and lesbians.

Sandra: Not sure why because we are definitely not the only ones wanting mix places. If I had to guess I’d say that maybe people who are starting gay nights here are generally younger and what you’re after when you’re in your twenties is different from what you’re after when you are older. But that’s just a thought. I don’t necessarily think that there is animosity between gays and lesbians (I don’t see it in my circle of friends for sure) but I think guys are not always super comfortable trying to pull when girls are around and girls don’t necessarily go out as much. But these are just sweeping generalisations and I’m very happy that so far we have managed to keep the night really mixed. Essentially we try to make ourselves happy and share that happiness with our friends and anyone else who has similar tastes as we do. 

Who is a true Dick And Fanny icon?

Sandra: Madonna…!

Alex: I’d second that.

We love your posters- how do you find the inspiration for them and which is your favourite?

Alex: We love a bit of a pop culture reference so a lot of the inspiration for our posters comes from film, music and TV but we also throw in the odd random image like the aerobic one last year (inspired by ‘80s workout videos and Jane Fonda) and the swimwear one the year before (inspired partly by Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I.).

My favourite is the Pretty Woman poster, I saw it about five times in the cinema when it came out and the poster was too good an image to not recreate as a DAF poster. I also love the Jeff Koons and Top Gun ones.

Dick And Fanny Pretty Woman poster

Sandra: I think my favourite is the Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love one. For what it is but also for the actual photograph, its colours and composition.

Dick And Fanny Kurt And Courtney Poster

Alex: A special shout out also needs to go to our collaborators at this point: Khalid El-Awad and Christa Holka for shooting the images and Lazy Susan for being incredible on all the images.

You’ve been going almost three years- in that time who’s been your favourite all-round guest, your best dressed guest and your most surprising guest (for whatever reason)?

Sandra: We can’t single anyone out really. All the talent we book, we book because we love their work. We have also been super lucky because everyone has been so nice and we have made really good friends along the way too such as Kim Anh from LA.

The best dressed guest was Feral! And our most surprising guest was Maya Jane Coles, we were lucky enough to book her before she became a superstar. We love Maya and we hope to have her return to our decks very soon!

Join Alex and Sandra for Dick And Fanny Presents the pEt sHOp bEARs – Jubilee Sunday Special this Sunday 3rd June from 9pm – 4am.

Tranny Jubilee

Tranny royalty Jonny Woo-Windsor and Lady Ma Butcher Bowles takeover the bar for Bank Holiday Monday to serve up a lavish feast for the eyes in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. After you’ve stuffed yourself silly with cucumber sandwiches and sausages on sticks at one of the many street parties, come down to Superstore and let Jonny and Ma entertain you. Did we mention they’ve booked a stripper? We caught up with these ladies of pleasure to find out just what’s in store for the Tranny Jubilee…

Who are your royal style icons?

Ma Butcher: My Royal Icons are Princess Margret, Wallace Simpson and of course Dame Barbara Cartland! I think my look reflects this combo…
Jonny Woo: Wallace Simpson was a Nazi sympathiser so she doesn’t get my vote although I do fancy Harry and he dabbled as a youth. I think Charles needs some credit for watching the top job slip further away from him. Queeny gonna live forever.
What do you look for in a stripper?

MB: Tall, tanned, toned and packing a punch! Oh and blue blood….
JW: Intellect, qualifications and a strong character… oh and a fat knob and balls.

What does it take to be a tranny superstar?

MB: I think you need a natural je ne sais quoi, years of practice and the constitution of a horse.
JW: Tranny superstar is a title bequeathed on but a few…you do not become one… you are chosen.

What would you do to us if you caught us cheating at gay bingo?

MB: Thrown in the Tower! Or in our case off a tower block… 
JW: A knighthood…how the hell is it possible to cheat at Gay Bingo?

Tell us a secret about the other!!

MB: My lips are sealed – we girls have to stick together. I am known for my total discretion.
JW: Despite being part pig, Ma eats bacon, which makes him a cannibal.

Who’s the hottest royal?

MB: Princess Beatrice & Eugenie Pretzel slathered in Coronation Chicken! 
JW: Phillip was quite a looker in his day. Not bad for 90 odd either.
Prince Charles has recently taken up DJing… would you book him for a set?

MB: Actually we have – he is doing a little pop up set at our party… But Mum’s the word! 
JW: No he only plays QUEEN and that’s all Ma Butcher plays.

Join Jonny Woo and Ma Butcher for the Tranny Jubilee on Monday 4th June from 7pm – 3am with Robyn & Rokk Presents: Body Talk in the basement. 


The TrailerTrash team are super-excited to have Kill The DJ’s Chloé play their tranny-extravaganza and have wanted her on their bill for some time now. We were lucky enough to catch up with the French underground electronic star and quiz her on the dance scene in Paris, her recent projects and playing the Easter long weekend…

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing when I was 17, actually when I discovered electronic music. I started buying records; at that time you couldn’t find this music on any other format than vinyl. I was studying law and university gives you a lot of time so I was playing more and more and then I started to produce. I released my first EP in 2001 on Karat records. Since then I’ve DJed everywhere, released a lot of EPs and remixes on different labels, released two albums, and will release a new track on my first label Karat in the next two months.

What’s the dance music scene in Paris like at the moment?

In the last two years there have been much more parties going on, inside clubs as usual, like Rex Club and Showcase, but more and more outside clubs which is kind of new for Paris.

You’re playing at the TrailerTrash Easter Sunday Special- do Parisians go all out for long weekends like Londoners do?

A lot of Parisians goes out on long weekends, but a lot also leave Paris to go to the countryside. In the summertime on long weekend Paris is a bit empty.

You DJ all over the world- what’s the most remote or strangest place you’ve ever played?

I’ve played few times in India, and it’s an amazing place to play that you’d never think about.

Your last album came out in 2010- do you have plans to do another?

 My first album The Waiting Room was released in 2007, the second one One In Other in 2010. These days I’m not focusing on a new album, as I’m working on remixes and EPs, and also I’m producing an artist called The Big Crunch Theory, working on her second album.

Can you tell us a bit more about your live show and subsequent book Chasser Croiser?

I released a book and CD in September 2011, it was a very specific project organised by the French radio show L’Atelier de Création Radiophonique (ACR). The show asks artists from any origins to arrange and create an artistic piece. Radio is a laboratory of sound experimentation. I was totally free to choose a specific theme and to work on it the way I wanted. The result was a 40-minute piece that I performed live at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and is released on the CD.

The book consists of my photos taken during trips, tours and DJ sets, notes, projects, albums, collaborations, and excerpts from notebooks.

Which surrealist artists have been the biggest influences on your music?

Aragon, Duchamp, Elsa Triolet, Joyce Mansour, Maiakovski. Surrealists left us with an important freedom to dream, create poetry and love, and it’s in this way it’s a big influence.

Who would you share your dream line-up with?

Maybe my mum, as she use to be a Disc Jockey when she was young!

What is the one record you just can’t stop playing?

I like Metronomy’s latest album a lot!

Chloé plays TRANNYTRASH this Easter Sunday 8th April with Hannah Holland (TrailerTrash), Michelle Moist (TrailerTrash), Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash), Nicola Fisher (Gutterslut), Josheline Caffe (Batty Bass) and Dame Squeaky (Paris’ Acid Ball) all spinning their wigs in-between spinning records from 8pm – 4am. 


Tranny Trash

Easter Sunday is tranny takeover day here at Dalston Superstore! Superstore boss and TrailerTrash head-honcho dons a wig and lippy to transform into his alter-ego Michelle Moist for another edition of the ever-popular TrannyTrash. We caught up with her to see what crazy goings on will take place and why it’ll be worth hiding your glitter-covered face with a feather boa from your family come Easter Monday lunch…

How did Trailer Trash morph into the spectacular Tranny Trash?

It’s always something that we have loved doing as part of TrailerTrash, ever since we did the first one back when TrailerTrash was weekly at On The Rocks all those years ago. We did it just as a bit of fun but everyone loved it and the party was totally amazing so it’s become a regular thing… it’s about everyone getting their Tranny look on and werking it!

What kind of look will your tranny alter-ego Michelle Moist be going for and how do you plan to outdo your fellow trannies?

I think Michelle is going slutty this time, phonebooth chic is the look!  We have Tranny Trash fave’s the amazing Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher and GRIZZLE! (John Sizzle and A Man To Pet) taking charge and that’s pretty tuff competition for anyone. It’s about glitter and tits, tits, TITS though and that means some more bin bags for Michelle coz she can’t afford the proper job yet!

What fabulous antics can we expect from  the Johnny Woo, John Sizzle, A Man To Pet, Ma Butcher combination?

There will be plenty of Tranny aerobics without a doubt! All of the above are renowned for gettin’ a party started and the bartop at Dalston Superstore is perfect for some Tranny catwalk vogue action! I have heard rumours of a flying tranny trapeze performance from GRIZZLE! which sounds amazing but all will be revealed on the night. Be very afraid!!!!!

Did you have to bribe your superstar headliner Chloé with records and heels to get her over from Paris?

Haha, well a nice new pair of heels can easily be sent over but I think they might be a little bit too big for her I’m afraid! Chloé has been one of our favourite DJ’s for ages and we’ve always wanted to have her play at one of our TrailerTrash parties. Her sets are always amazing, both deep and driving, and they really lock people into the dancefloor. She doesn’t really play in the UK very much so we’re super excited to have her over for this special Tranny Trash party. She will be playing down in the lazer basement along with Hannah Holland and it’s gonna get pretty sweaty down there!

And finally, how trashy can a tranny be?

Pretty damn trashy…. come along on Sunday and you’ll find out. It’s gonna be a bikini waxin’ disco dazzler!

TrannyTrash takes place this Easter Sunday 8th April with Chloé (Bpitch Control/Kill The DJ), Hannah Holland (TrailerTrash), Michelle Moist (TrailerTrash), Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash), Nicola Fisher (Gutterslut), Josheline Caffe (Batty Bass) and Dame Squeaky (Paris’ Acid Ball) all spinning their wigs in-between spinning records from 8pm – 4am. 

Photo Credit: Kenny Campbell 

Nicolas Dermen

French party-starter Nicolas Dermen comes to London for the long weekend to playing a night of dirty sexy house at  B(e)ast. We caught up with him to ask about throwing the best parties in the south of France and beyond…

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever played?

I remember one big party in Nice, where the stage and the dance floor were very close to the ruins of a castle called La Colline du Château. It’s the most popular place for people in Nice to walk and relax as it has sublime panoramic views  over the city, the sea and the famous Promenade des Anglais. It was very strange to play in place so normally quiet.

What is your favourite end of the night record?

This one is really beautiful for the close of a party but I listen to new tracks every day so I have a lot of tracks I love to play at the end of the night.

Radiohead – Codex (Henry Saiz remix)

Is it true French lovers are better than English ones?

I know French lovers have a reputation of being good and romantic lovers and I think it’s true but there are good lovers all the world and I think in England too. Love is without borders but I’m sure of one thing: a French kiss is the best one!

What has been your worst ever DJ experience?

One New Years Eve in Marseille, during one of the rare times I’ve played there, in a club that had gone into administration just one day before and decided to have the party anyway. The situation and the ambiance were really boring the entire night, and after the party I had to drive to Nice to get a flight to Berlin and I fell asleep on the road so I had to stop a little and almost missed my plane…

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to (as a clubber)?

I have not really had a best party. I mean, for each I try to find a positive and always have a good time. All parties are different but I don’t want to have a best party in my mind, because if I have one, I’ll compare it to others and that’s not necessary a good thing. Of course, there are some events that have a big place in my memory like a boat party during Off Sonar, a Monday morning at Watergate in Berlin with just around 30 clubbers…

What’s the biggest difference between the London crowd and the Marseille crowd?

I live close to Marseille but I rarely play in this city, so I prefer to say the “south of France crowd”. The difference is there is lot of commercial clubs in the south of France and a lot of people go to party to show themself, not really for music, just to say “I’m here, look at me, I’m VIP” but fortunately we have a few good clubs where people come just for music and friends, and it’s always the best parties.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Kevin Saunderson (Inner City), Kenny Larkin, Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Jeff Mills…

If you were throwing a dream party where would you have it and who would you have on your line-up (alive or dead)?

A day and night party at the Eiffel Tower. During the morning: Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. Afternoon till midnight:  Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Who. Midnight till late : Inner City, Laurent Garnier live and Jeff Mills…

Nicolas Dermen plays at B(e)ast alongside Rebecca Sawyer (One Great Track) and residents Borja Peña and KevinFunkt on Saturday 7th April from 9pm – 4am.